Goodladd Dog Training has trained dogs from all over the world. Here is just a sample of some of our happy, happy customers!


“We have been working with Janine since Winston was a pup and he has become a STAR pupil!! Off leash, responsive and perfectly obedient...and having more fun all the time! Thank you, Janine!”



“I wanted to thank you for the care and attention you gave to Emmett while he was at the “farm” and in Training. Emmett, a cute Wheaton Terrier who thought he was the Alpha, dominated my household. It was amazing to me that after three weeks he arrived home a new dog. He is obedient and controllable. ”



“ I think you gave us back a different dog. Merlot is so easy to control, especially on leash! I was training outside and a rabbit and a cat crossed our path. Merlot noticed both but did not break her leash discipline. Then Bailey was jumping at her and trying to play and Merlot stayed right on cue with me. Very impressive. In fact the difference in her versus her sibs is striking. I am ready to FedEx Bailey to you overnight delivery!”



“ Ellie - is - fantastic! What a difference! Pete and I are both amazed with the  work you’ve done and can’t thank you enough. I don’t know how you did it but wow! ... it was so great to take her out this weekend, off the leash and let her do her thing! It’s a lot of fun to watch her in her element.”